MyAir and MyLight: Smart Home Solutions

Climate Control Systems are Hervey Bay, Maryborough’s and surrounding areas premier installers of MyAir smart climate control to existing and new ducted air-con systems. MyAir is a revolutionary system of highly-accurate smart climate control, produced right here in Australia. By incorporating a MyAir climate control system into your home ducted air-con, you’ll notice a reduction in your electricity usage, and a more uniformly cooled environment. If you’d like to learn more about MyAir, or to have it retro-fitted or installed with a new ducted system, please get in touch with us.

The beauty of having a MyAir remote system installed into your ducted air-conditioning system is that you can remotely control the power status and temperature levels of all the individually zoned areas of your house with the flick of a switch from your phone or tablet device. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never want to go back!

Advantages of a MyAir climate control system include:

  • Turn on and cool your home before you arrive
  • Uniformly cooled rooms with no warm spots
  • Compatible with most major brands
  • Smart sensors that save power
  • Controllable from your tablet or phone
  • Individual zone/room control
  • One central controller that doubles as a 8 inch tablet to view facebook, emails, listen to music or even do your shopping online and it never needs charging

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Compatible with Major Brands

You don’t have to install an entirely new air-con unit to experience all the fantastic features MyAir has to offer. MyAir systems can be -fitted to any of our ducted systems as part of the design and installation, or alternatively, it can be retro-fitted to most major brands, including Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Optional Sensors

For even greater energy efficiency, temperature sensors and motion sensors can be installed as optional extras. Motion sensors will quickly detect whether there are any people or pets in the room and drop the airflow, reducing power usage by 20% until people enter the room again.

Temperature sensors keep track of the airflow and rapidly adjust settings accordingly to maintain your selected temperature, which is fantastic for upstairs or west-facing rooms that heat up quicker than other rooms of your house. The advantage of our temperature sensors is that they can be placed anywhere in the room, as opposed to directly in front of the unit like traditional ducted and split systems do, making them great for large rooms.


As an optional extra, MyLights can be installed alongside your MyAir installation. MyLights works similar to the MyAir system in that you control the lighting of the specific rooms you want, when you want, from the palm of your hand, saving you from energy bill shock. Set individual lighting hues, brightness and moods, or turn on specifically designated lights when you’re arriving home, all with the tap of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

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Having MyLights installed when you have the existing MyAir infrastructure makes the installation much cheaper than having MyLights installed as a standalone system. If you’d like to incorporate a MyLights installation with your MyAir install, please give us a call for a free measure, quote and design at your best convenience.

  • Turn on or off all your lights from one central device or your smart device
  • Set your favourite mood, romance, movie night or dining the list is endless
  • Additional security. Turn your lights on or off even when you are away on holidays from your smart device
  • One central controller that doubles as a 8 inch tablet to view facebook, emails, listen to music or even do your shopping online and it never needs charging.

MyAir Climate Control System

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