Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Hervey Bay and Maryborough

Climate Control Systems are Hervey Bay and Maryborough’s ideal choice for efficient, well-designed ducted air conditioning system installation. Our expert team provide tailor-made ducted system solutions for your home, installed professionally and efficiently. One benefit of choosing us is that we have a team of qualified electricians, allowing us to complete the job entirely ourselves without using sub-contractors. Please call (07) 4124 8933 to organise a free measure and quote.

Our ducted air-conditioning system solutions are designed to specifically suit the individual needs of your house and your family. This might come as no surprise, as all houses are made different and thus require different cooling paths, but what we mean by this is that we listen to your needs, and take into account your budget before we design your ducted air-con solution. This means not only looking at how big your house is, but how often you use air-con, how populous rooms are, among other things.

Why Choose a Ducted Air System?

Ducted systems can be designed to suit almost any home or office. They are generally more cost effective, especially if you are considering installing 4 or more wall mounted split systems throughout your home. Ducted systems are also much more aesthetically pleasing, as there is only one external unit, and the grills are discreetly installed into the ceiling or walls, rather than the sometimes bulky-fitting conventional wall mounted split-system air-conditioners. Depending on your house layout, we may even be able to retro-fit a ducted system into a multi-storied building.

You’ll also find that ducted systems are quieter, and pose greater energy-efficiency over your typical wall mounted split-system unit. As you can control what areas of your home or office that are being utilises at any time from your smart device or have MyAir Motion Sensors do it for you Additionally, if you opt for MyAir smart air-conditioning controls, you won’t need to have multiple  remotes for your air-con; choose which rooms should be cooled at what temperature from your phone or tablet device.


Ducted Air Conditioning

Get in touch to organise an initial consultation and free quote for our ducted air conditioning installation services. Call (07) 4124 8933.