Handy Hints and links for using your air conditioner

Now that you have made the investment you want to get the best out of your air conditioner. Here are some handy hints and FAQ about ongoing maintenance and use of your air conditioning system.

Filter Cleaning

It is important that you know how to clean air conditioner filters in your home or office. This will make a big difference to the quality of air you breathe when indoors. Regular cleaning will also help improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and keep it in good shape for longer. It is easy to forget about periodic cleaning that is necessary to ensure a healthier breathing environment. Think about the accumulation of dirt, pathogens and allergens on the filters with constant use. The filters serve to keep the air conditioner components clean which helps to create a clean environment indoors. Its a good idea to clean often rather than wait until the filter is filled with dust before you clean. A good cleaning is recommended at least every three months and one should involve more than just running the filters under water. Following is a simple guide that will get your filters clean and help maintain a healthy living environment. click here for instructions

Engery Saving tips

Selecting the right temperature can save you money. Stick to 25C in summer and 18C in winter. Every one degree cooler in summer adds around 10% to the amount of electricity the aircon uses – which can quickly add up! see Ergon Engery tips

Meaning of Symbols on Remote Controls

While there are many difference brands of air conditioning and as a such remote controls, most symbols are the same, here are a few basic symbols to remember click here to download brochure

As was said at the beginning, in addition to these (basic symbols,) there are remote controls that are much more complex, with many more buttons to allow the setting of other functions (you will need to refer to the user manual for more details)

Purchasing the Right Size Unit for your Home

Things to consider when purchasing an air conditioning system for your home or office.

Air Conditioning can be a big expense, so you want to get it right the first time around. So what things do you need to consider when purchasing Air Conditioning. Make sure that the air conditioning unit you are purchasing is appropriate for the size room and the number of people that will be in that room. Listed below is a Basic guide to determine the correct size air conditioning unit for your home. click here to download guide

Common Types of Installations

The most common term used in relation to the installation of an air conditioning system is called a “Back to Back”. This means that the in-door unit is on the same wall as the out-door unit (see illustration 1). These installations are straighter forward and generally the cheapest option. Up and over runs are when the outdoor unit is located in a separate area from the indoor unit (see illustration 2) and will increase the cost of installation as additional pipes, ducting, electrical and drainage is required to complete the installation.